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Post Flood Attic Mold Damage Remediation in Valencia

Cleaning Up Following Mold Damage Remediation

Disasters requiring mold damage remediation happen with little warning in Valencia and throughout the many California towns and cities we service. Roof vulnerabilities can lead to water damage, which later becomes mold growth. Microbial development threatens your home and your family, so you need experienced professionals to manage this threat immediately.

Where is the Mold Growth? 

Mold damage remediation for Valencia properties can begin once competent restoration professionals like ours identify the affected surfaces and the degree of infestation and begin forming a remediation plan. Attic mold can be hard to locate if you do not enter this space frequently. Many homeowners do not suspect a threat until the organism spreads to the main living space below following storm and flooding conditions.

Cleaning Up the Mold Damage

We must work fast against the presence of attic mold. Rapidly migrating organisms can find their way to other levels of the house and travel through the HVAC system to infest new parts without prompt action. Once we locate the damaged areas and determine the extent of the organisms’ impact, Sunny California Restoration professionals can begin removal tactics, such as:

  • Surface Cleaning – Antimicrobial and sporicidal agents can work to destroy surface mold spores before the colonies can form and overwhelm the hosting materials. Treated surfaces can include trusses, plywood, and roof system components.
  • Sandblasting – Using abrasive media under high pressure, we blast air at mold-damaged surfaces to eradicate newly developing mold colonies beginning to spread into sensitive hosting materials. 
  • Replacement – As one of the final measures of potential remediation and mold removal, we can demolish and safely discard the infested materials. This action is a guaranteed method of removing mold threats without the concern of organisms growing out of sight.

Protecting the Attic for the Future

If your attic space has become compromised and cannot produce mold damage following water penetration, this will be a recurring issue without preventative steps. Because we are full-service contractors and restoration professionals, we know the value of working fast to seal attic vulnerabilities and repair roof damage. By patching over roof holes, we can stop the spread of runoff and floodwater into this sensitive house area.

We Provide Mold Damage Remediation

Following storm and flood damage, the attic can be one of the areas most likely to produce mold organisms and subsequent harm. We have mold damage remediation and removal strategies to overcome the continued spreading of these microbial threats, and our Sunny California Restoration team reaches your home fast once you call (323) 805-8006.