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Smoke & Odor Remediation

Sunny California Restoration possesses the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and professionalism essential for addressing all smoke and odor remediation issues that may arise in your California home or business.

With the dense population of Los Angeles County, fire disasters are happening daily. Professional restoration professionals like ours must address multiple facets of recovery to return your household to pre-loss condition, including overcoming and neutralizing harsh smoke malodors. Smoke odor remediation is a priority of our recovery team.

Airborne Contaminants and Odors 

Volatile conditions exist after a fire gets extinguished, and it is often unsafe for homeowners or house occupants to breathe in circulating soot and smoke solid particles. These turbulent fire conditions remain in many capacities, including an overwhelming burning smell shaped by the combustible elements impacted by the disaster. Aerosolized chemicals, carbon particles, and other influencing substances create a formidable restoration obstacle for even our experienced recovery specialists.

Trapped Smells After a Fire 

One of the challenging aspects of remediating smoke smells prevalent in a property after a fire gets extinguished is how likely these odors are to penetrate porous materials. Structural elements like drywall are highly absorbent, making it easily overwhelmed by migrating odor molecules able to be drawn into the wall system at the height of the heat the house experiences. The pores shrink as the structure cools, trapping these offensive smells in the construction materials. Direct deodorization approaches are needed to address these concerns.

Common Deodorization Solutions 

Because the type of damage homes experience ranges from site to site, the needed equipment to regulate odors and airborne contaminants also changes. Smoke odor remediation is a complex component of the full restoration process, ultimately requiring several approaches and direct action to manage. Some of the common deodorization solutions needed for residences we serve can include:

  • Ozone Machines: Ozone is a complex approach but one of the most effective means of permanent smell removal. The machines produce an unstable compound O3, to bond with odor molecules and destroy them. The caveat is that all people, pets, and plants be absent from the structure.
  • Hydroxyl Generators: Using UV radiation, these machines can effectively destroy chemicals in the air and deodorize a property with airborne odors
  • Fogging with Pairing Chemicals: Fogging can be ideal for addressing trapped odor molecules in porous building materials because of the vaporous concentrated deodorant the unit emits. Other foggers dispel a pairing agent that bonds with airborne odors and makes them precipitate to surfaces for cleanup.
  • Air Scrubbers: devices that suction interior air through a HEPA and charcoal filtration system to physically remove contaminants.


Sunny California Restoration understands the relationship between fire debris and offensive malodors. Responding technicians must address heaps of ash, smoke solids, soot, and charred material remnants to reduce the concentration of airborne soot particles and overwhelming smells. We safely collect and gather these particulates with tools ranging from shovels to HEPA dry vacuums. Addressing and overcoming debris ensures an easier path to regulating strong smoke odors spreading in the house.



Addressing trapped odors often requires more than just a direct application of the vapor that foggers can produce. While this can potentially penetrate the pores of these installed components, this is not always guaranteed. To avoid costlier demolition and reconstruction, odor-sealing primers might be an important product for drywall refurbishing after fire damage cleanup. These primers eliminate the need for full deodorization and are an efficient strategy to limit the time that occupants are displaced from a residence for the cleanup and restoration processes.

Masking Imaginary Odors 

The sight of fire damage to homes and businesses alone can influence occupants to experience a phenomenon known as imaginary odors. While the deodorization process has mostly been completed and the smells associated with the combustion of building materials and contents have been resolved, property owners still believe they smell the smoke from the fire. To combat this after the malodors get removed, we introduce masking agents into the house to create a pleasant smell intended to ensnare the olfactory senses and allow homeowners to be more at ease.


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