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Fire Remediation

Sunny California Restoration has the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and professionalism required to tackle any fire remediation challenges you may face in your California residence or commercial establishment.

Whether you’ve experienced a grease fire in your kitchen, an electrical fire in your warehouse, or a High-rise hotel, you’ll need access to remediation professionals who understand how to get the job done fast. Customers of Sunny California Restoration gain access to highly skilled IICRC-certified remediation technicians with years of experience providing quality services throughout the area.


Our team lives and works in the same community you do, and we’re available 24/7 to answer your call for help. The staff in our office welcomes your call, working with you from the beginning to make the remediation process as smooth as possible. We’re always on time and provide quality remediation services with a 1-year guarantee. We’re always on time and provide quality remediation services with a 1-year guarantee. We work with you to address your concerns, initiate an action plan that makes sense, and deliver the services needed to accomplish the goal.

Fire Damage Mitigation Services

Our damage mitigation services help contain damaged areas and prevent secondary damage caused by water, smoke, and soot that often compromise windows, walls, and roofing materials. We can secure your property and protect structural components and personal belongings against theft and environmental conditions that often occur after fire incidents.

  • Board-up
  • Pack Outs
  • Demolition
  • Debris Removal

We follow all local, state, and federal guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the handling and disposal of damaged or hazardous materials. Our team uses personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, boots, masks, and full-body suits, to protect everyone involved. We work diligently to maintain a safe working environment throughout the remediation process.

Post Fire Water Extraction Services

The methods used by first responders to douse the flames of a fire can cause severe damage if left unattended, adding to an already tense situation. We understand that each job is different, presenting unique circumstances. Our drying technicians use advanced detection, drying, and extraction equipment to remove excess water fast.

Heavy-Duty Vacuums
Sump Pumps
Hand-Held Extractors
Truck-Mounted Extractors

Moisture meters and other detection equipment make locating hidden moisture more efficient. We can eliminate moisture pockets in attics, crawlspaces, under cabinets, and between walls. Preventing secondary damage and extended exposure that often leads to mold growth.


Cleaning & Sanitization Services

Smoke from a fire often spreads throughout the structure, leaving soot and carbon particles everywhere. The type of burnt materials and the surfaces they come into contact with directly affect the methods used to restore items to a quality pre-loss condition.

Locate & Identify Residues
Identify Affected Surfaces
Determine Proper Cleaning Method
Capture & Remove Residues

The amount of heat, oxygen, moisture, and gases present during a fire interact with smoke residues, presenting unique challenges. Our technicians use a combination of cleaning methods to remove smoke residues that bond with various surfaces.


Final Fire Clean Up and Restoration

Restorative services help return contents like appliances, furniture, structural components, and personal belongings to the state they were in before the fire on your property occurred. Our technicians often exceed customer expectations when performing restoration tasks.

Restoring Contents – Various cleaning services are available to repair your personal belongings. Restoration is far less costly than refinishing or replacement. Appliances, furniture, rugs, drapery, and blinds are examples of these kinds of contents.

Dry cleaning methods help remove dirt and excess residue using brushes and cleaning clothes.
Wet cleaning methods use a cleaning agent to dislodge soot and other soils.

Restoring Structural Components – Surfaces like door jambs, trim molding, and painted walls are more porous, often staining and discoloring. Cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen, doors, and framing. Anything physically attached is an example of these types of components.


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