Mold Remediation

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Mold Remediation Services for Your Home or Office

While not often treated with the same urgency by homeowners, mold damage can have as much of an effect on your home or business as disasters from fire, water, and flooding. As a trusted recovery team, Sunny California Restoration understands how to determine the scope of active mold damage, address this threat to your home, and work to prevent recurrences.

Mold Inspections Focus on the Recovery Process

Before much of the mold remediation process can begin and be effective, our professionals must inspect and evaluate the condition of the property to determine where attention is needed. Surface mold might only show part of the problems, so thorough assessments by our experienced team help to track hidden moisture pockets that could indicate further mold spread in wall systems, ceiling assemblies, and other sensitive areas. Evaluators work to answer three important questions during this fact-finding mission:

  • What materials are damaged?
  • How can we stop the movement of active spores?
  • How can contents be protected?

Remediation Strategies for Your Residence

Our Sunny California Restoration team uses multiple mold remediation approaches. Understanding what methods are necessary for specific situations improves the efficiency of mold removal and cleanup processes. Options can include:

  • Surface Cleaning – Using our inventory’s sporicidal products and antimicrobial solutions, we can put chemical agents on surfaces that destroy mold organisms.
  • Abrasive Blasting – Abrasive media such as sodium bicarbonate or crushed walnuts become an effective cleaning approach when combined with pressurized air or water. The result is eliminating the organisms and foreign matter without destroying the building material in the process.
  • Sanding – With surface materials like drywall removed, elements like the wood framework can be compromised. Sanding helps to eliminate the outermost layer of these installed elements without reducing structural integrity or requiring demolition.
  • Controlled Demolition – While a final resort, an effective strategy for mold removal is eliminating the hosting material. This approach is two-fold, removing the impacted material and preventing the ability to influence other nearby sensitive construction elements with mold spread.

Overcoming Lingering Mold and Mildew Odors

One of the signs used to suggest mold development and colonization in the home is a strong, musty smell. Volatile organic compounds are a byproduct of active colonies and can be a strong obstacle to comfortable living for house occupants even after much of the remediation process completes. Deodorization begins with proper air quality improvement using tools like HEPA air scrubbers and filtration devices. Cleaner air gets treated with UV cleaners or thermal fogging to neutralize odor compounds, and masking products can help leave a pleasant smell in their place.

Repairs Needed to Prevent Mold Recurrences

Mold uses organic matter as a food source, meaning that the materials used to support and host these colonies in your house will likely be damaged and weakened by the organism’s presence. Having a capable restoration and remediation team that understands the construction elements required for full recovery is valuable, as many of the most direct methods of mold removal and returning a structure to pre-loss condition rely on reconstruction and build-back services. A primary focus in this process is the repairs and corrections needed to resolve intruding water to this portion of the house allowing for conditions advantageous for mold infestation and growth.

When your home requires mold remediation, the choice is clear: you need experienced professionals capable of getting the work completed the first time. Comprehensive solutions for these conditions are valuable for homeowners, providing cleanup and repairs all under one roof. Sunny California Restoration removes active mold growth and works to prevent it from happening again.


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