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Fire Damage Remediation Products Used in Agua Dulce Homes

Smoke and Fire Damage Remediation in Agua Dulce

After a fire, homes can become overwhelmed by the immense fire loss effects spreading through the residence. For example, smoke damage is among the most threatening to the house and its occupants, so there must be multiple ways that Sunny California Restoration professionals overcome these threats. Upon arrival, we evaluate the property’s condition and utilize various products to help with better air quality, content and wall cleaning, and deodorization. Fire damage remediation in Agua Dulce is no easy task; you need an expert for the job.

Cleaner Environments and Airways 

A priority of fire damage remediation for Agua Dulce homes is a clean environment for the restorers and the family returning. Cleaner air is possible through several approaches, beginning with placing HEPA air scrubbers and continuing through connected processes like air duct cleaning.

Soot Removal Services

Of all the ways smoke damage can impact a house, it is through the apparent soot deposits on surfaces and contents. Managing these residues is potentially dangerous with their carcinogenic and corrosive properties. We use various products from our inventory to create chemical reactions that loosen and remove the soot damage.

  • Solvents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Detergents
  • Alkaline Cleaners

Content Cleaning Products 

Cleaning the individual items in harm’s way is essential to successful restoration and recovery. Fire damage remediation and restoration consider these items individually with a thorough inspection. We determine where on-site cleaning is possible by constructing a staging area and using surface cleaning products. When impossible, we complete content cleaning at our nearby facility. 

Deodorization Approaches in Fire-Damaged Homes 

Clearing odors is a priority of our responding Sunny California Restoration team. However, even with much of the cleanup complete, smells can hang around and create a volatile environment for house occupants set to return. Options for deodorization include:

  • Thermal Fogging – Creating a vapor or mist, foggers superheat concentrated deodorization compounds to penetrate porous materials and surfaces for thorough neutralization. 
  • UV Cleaning – UV cleaning combined with an onboard HEPA filter make hydroxyl generators a favored choice for smoke odor elimination. 
  • Ozone/Oxidation – Creating an O3 molecule with a machine, ozone generators emit a vaporous solution that bonds with odor molecules, neutralizes, and destroys them. 

Challenges of Fire Remediation in Agua Dulce

Smoke and fire damage remediation can appear in several areas of a residence after a fire gets extinguished. As challenging as smoke odor and solid removal can be, we are experienced professionals ready and able to help. Sunny California Restoration technicians mobilize quickly to overcome your residence’s fire loss effects. Call us at (323) 805-8006.