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Effective Early Water Damage Remediation in Valencia Homes

Sunny California Helps with Water Damage Remediation

When water damages occur, you can face several inches or more of standing water throughout the structure. As the liquid travels along the paths of least resistance, they impact more areas of the property and ruin more building materials and contents. Fast water damage remediation in Valencia and cleanup services are necessary to help, and Sunny California is ready to meet the challenge.

Extraction Starts Water Damage Remediation

Starting water damage remediation in Valencia homes focuses on removing the first threat that our Sunny California Restoration professionals encounter: standing water. We have multiple tools in our inventory to address pooling on the floors of your house and must act fast to remove this buildup to avoid destroying more of the structure.

Submersible Pumps Are Effective for Standing Water

Electric submersible pumps effectively remove most water buildup on flooring throughout a residence. While the gallons per minute (gpm) might be less than gas-powered trash pumps, submersibles have the advantage of being quiet. In addition, they can run on temporary power and do not emit fumes that could be an additional hazard of working in enclosed spaces. Other extractors might be needed when the pooling is deep, however.

Deep extraction tools include:

  • Truck-mount extractors
  • Self-priming trash pumps
  • Drying mats

The Versatility of Wet Vacuums in Restoration

The wet vacuum is one of the most versatile tools in the restorer’s arsenal. Lightweight and mobile, these extractors can manage shallow water removal needs when conditions are little more than a few inches. Being easy to move from one part of the work site to another, Wet Vacuums are the ideal extractor for inaccessible areas and flooding in spaces like the attic where larger machines might not fit.

Effective Drying, Following Water Damage Remediation

Focused water removal paves the way for efficient and cost-effective drying in the house. Equipment hands off to the next, where extraction tools become carefully placed air movers and dehumidifiers to maximize evaporative drying on wet surfaces and building materials. We can continually track drying progress with moisture sensors, monitors, and thermal imagery. This data provides information on when we must move units or change approaches.Water damage remediation services begin with effective extraction and cleanup. We know the urgency of mitigation and emergency services when disasters strike, so our Sunny California Restoration team is ready 24/7 to help. Our fast arrival allows us to manage standing water concerns for effectively drying area homes. Call now at (323) 805-8006.