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Considering Our Mold Damage Remediation in a Canyon Country Home

What Can Professional Mold Damage Remediation Do

In many homes and businesses, mold is an underappreciated threat. Developing these organisms and spreading the colonies can become hazardous for property occupants. It is often beneficial for homeowners to consider professional mold remediation services as our Sunny California Restoration team provides. We are with you from start to finish, offering experience and knowledge through each stage of recovery.

The Phases of Mold Damage Remediation 

Mold damage remediation for Canyon Country homes happens over several steps and stages. We are involved in each aspect of this recovery process, offering our expertise to recover mold-damaged items and materials through the structure efficiently. The process is broken down into four primary parts:

  • Inspection  

We provide thorough inspections of the property to ensure that we understand the full scope of the work. This process is critical to developing a custom remediation strategy for the property and detailing and documenting loss for insurance purposes if necessary.

  • Removal 

Multiple approaches exist when it comes time to remove the developed organisms throughout the structure. Depending on the severity of the situation and the materials affected, there are several remediation strategies our restoration team might employ. Surface cleaning is preferred, as this is the least invasive strategy, but we have more aggressive measures when required.

  • Deodorization 

One of the telling signs of mold damage in your home is a powerful musty smell accompanying colonization. Deodorization is an essential aspect of successful remediation solutions for properties. We have industry-leading equipment and products to neutralize malodors lingering behind after cleanup.

  • Repairs 

We have experienced personnel to conduct the repairs and reconstruction necessary after the remediation completes. Several areas of a property often require replacing the materials to return to pre-mold condition. Having these contractors on the team ensures we seamlessly transition between remediation and repairs for less time recovering your home. These same repair specialists are involved in each stage of restoration, including initial emergency repairs, containment strategies, and demolition. Mold can be a threatening disaster for your home or business that you might not recognize until it gets out of control. Our professionals’ experience and hands-on knowledge ensure we give each property precisely what it needs amid a disaster. If you suspect you need mold damage remediation in your home, contact Sunny California Restoration at (323) 805-8006.