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Water Damage Remediation in Saugus Homes Starts with Flooring

We Provide Water Damage Remediation in Saugus 

Water damage disasters can come in all forms for homes and businesses in the area. Saugus properties can rapidly become overwhelmed by the spread and severity of pooling water as it moves from room to room, laying atop the flooring. Therefore, it becomes vital for Sunny California Restoration professionals to work fast for water damage remediation in Saugus.

Water damage remediation in Saugus properties starts with water removal services. Our rapid response team overcomes the immediate threat to the structure by removing and discarding any pooling water in the affected areas. Extraction allows for properly inspecting the affected flooring materials to determine if preservation is possible.

Water Removal Solutions

The first step in addressing the water damage remediation process of the structure is overcoming pooling on the surface. Standing water is an immediate threat to flooring, as most material types are somewhat porous. Absorbing water begins to warp and distort the physical appearance of the flooring and can render it unsalvageable the longer this exposure occurs. Therefore, we begin water removal on the surface with pumps and vacuums in the earliest stages of mitigation.

The surface water damage is often only the beginning of the work to finish to preserve the flooring in question. We have special tools to draw out moisture trapped in these installed systems. Some of the equipment used for these efforts on carpeted and plank flooring include:

  • Weighted extractors
  • Carpet wands
  • Drying mats

The Salvageability of Flooring Materials

It often takes until we can remove the surface and trapped water before assessing the salvageability of the materials in question. With wood plank flooring, technicians look for warping and cupping that could indicate permanent physical damage that drying does not reverse. We pull up carpets that have started to mold and mildew.

Cleaning Up After Water Damage Remediation

Sunny California Restoration does more than dry up the water trapped in flooring materials to keep them from getting pulled up and replaced. However, exposure like this often comes with mineral deposits, discoloration, and another soiling that can make the flooring unattractive. We utilize various forms of cleaning to manage these concerns based on the type of material installed. For example, we have bonnet cleaners for a deep hot water extraction service on carpeted floors to restore their original color and feel. Flooring can be one of the areas in your home most rapidly impacted by water loss. When disasters strike, you can count on Sunny California Restoration to help you clean up the mess and preserve this installed flooring material if possible. We have competent contractors to help with whatever your property needs to return to everyday life. Call us at (323) 805-8006.