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How To Manage Flood Damage in Your Golden Valley Home

Floods are a costly natural disaster that can occur anywhere and anytime. It is crucial to be prepared for such emergencies by creating an emergency kit for every family member, having a well-thought-out evacuation plan, and possessing a NOAA weather radio. Consider investing in flood insurance to be safe and secure. Finally, follow these tips to protect your family and home during and after a flood.

Actions to Keep You Save Amid the Flood

Long before you must clean the flood damage to a Golden Valley property, you must endure the stressful disaster and what it can do to your home. When a flood warning is issued, take immediate action to ensure safety. To prepare, access clean water, bring outdoor belongings inside, and turn off utilities.

Act cautiously around floodwater, dispose of any food that comes in contact with floodwater, and refrain from using wet appliances or electronics. Evacuate immediately if a flash flood warning is issued. You can return to the property afterward to begin an assessment of the damage with the help of professionals like our Sunny California Restoration team.

Post-Flood Recovery Tips

It is a natural reaction to want to get involved with your home immediately following the storm, but this is not always advisable. Sometimes, DIY cleaning can worsen matters, present the possibility of injury, or leave situations where the work could be more thorough. Here are some tips for after the flood:

  • Stay Away from Contaminants: You should never return home after an evacuation until emergency personnel have declared it safe. Remember, safety should always be your top priority.
  • Document the Damage: Taking photos before the cleanup process starts is crucial to ensure you have solid evidence to present to your insurance company while filing a claim.
  • Lean on Our Experts: You must seek the services of flood damage repair experts for optimal results. To clean up contaminated water without the necessary equipment could pose a significant health hazard.

Sunny California Restoration is among the most trusted names in Southern California when natural disasters like floods occur. Rest assured that we take full responsibility for the job from beginning to end. Our services include comprehensive structural drying, proficient personal content restoration, effective deodorizing, thorough mold remediation, and meticulous final cleanup. We’ll work with your insurance company to restore your home quickly. When your home suffers a flood, you can count on us to help you set things right. Call us today at (323) 805-8006.