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Helping Newhall Homes Dry During Water Damage Remediation

Our Special Equipment Speeds Up Structural Drying

Every water damage situation is unique, so our team of experts at Sunny California Restoration takes the time to thoroughly assess your home’s needs to ensure a swift and efficient restoration process. Our water damage cleanup services are top-notch, utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques to get your home back in tip-top shape.

We know time is crucial for water damage remediation in Newhall. That’s why we gather as much information as possible during our first conversation with you. Our mitigation process involves removing water from your flooring and extracting moisture trapped in materials and the environment.

Understanding What Happens with Water Removal

We all know how stressful it can be to see your home damaged by water and moisture. And when it comes to water mitigation, plenty of phases are involved, each crucial to a successful recovery. At Sunny California, we bring a wide range of specialized tools and techniques to tackle all aspects of water removal. Helpful services we offer include:

The Benefit of Using Air Movers

Our air movers are here to save the day. These powerful machines provide consistent warm, dry air streams to evaporate surface moisture from your building materials. We have various machines to suit your needs, from low-profile units that can reach under furniture and fixtures to axial units for a broader blast across wet wall surfaces. 

Quick Arrival of Necessary Drying Tools

When disaster strikes your home, every minute counts; our 24/7 availability means we can jump into action immediately, bringing a fleet of vehicles fully loaded with top-of-the-line mitigation and restoration equipment. From mighty air movers to a plethora of dehumidifiers, we have everything we need to help regulate the damage that water can cause to your home. 
Drying and water damage cleanup must begin quickly if we hope to protect what is possible for your property. Your most powerful tool in professional restoration is your phone, where you can call our Sunny California Restoration team at (323) 805-8006. Our quick arrival gets mitigation, and cleanup started immediately, and can significantly limit irreparable harm to your household.