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Early Actions Before Santa Clarita Valley Fire Damage Remediation

Fires can devastate your home and require immediate action to mitigate the damage. Once the fire department leaves, seeing the soot and water damage to your belongings can be overwhelming. Act fast to begin restoration and recovery.

Reach Out to Sunny California Restoration

The longer you wait to begin fire damage remediation in the Santa Clarita Valley, the worse it gets. That’s why starting the fire restoration process as soon as possible is crucial. You can get a custom action plan developed to restore your home by contacting Sunny California. An expert will visit your home to review the damage, devise a cleanup plan, and save as much of your belongings as possible.

Contact the Insurance Company

Among the first things you should do is contact your insurance company and let them know what’s happening. They’re there to help you through this tough time and can provide valuable guidance on your next steps. Plus, they can tell you the best practices for documenting the damage, such as making a list and taking pictures.

Protect or Replace Important Documentation

When a fire is sweeping through your home, grabbing the safe containing your important documents is probably the last thing on your mind. Here are some of the crucial documents that you’ll need to replace right away to ensure there are no issues with securing damage claims or getting life back to normal:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage, birth, or death certificates
  • Soiled money
  • Social security card
  • Bank documentation and statements
  • Transcripts and school records
  • Vehicle title, registration, and other documents

Utilize Some Pre-Restoration Strategies

The quicker you start the cleanup process, the better your chance of salvaging your home and belongings. After you have the okay to enter the property from the first responders, there are a couple of quick things you can do to aid the arriving restoration specialists:

Moving the Air

Open up your windows and let the fresh air in. Also, turn on some box or floor fans to help circulate the air and eliminate harmful pollutants. But, make sure to follow the safety guidelines advised by the fire department.

Surface Cleaning Soot

Circulating air out of your home after a fire is not enough to eliminate the smoke lingering in the air. Removing all the soot is the key to getting your house smelling fresh and clean. Sweeping is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Sunny California for Fire Damage RemediationExperiencing a fire in your home can be a devastating and overwhelming experience. However, acting quickly to save, recover, and restore your valuable possessions from fire damage is essential. Hire a professional restoration company like Sunny California Restoration to help you with the process. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle the restoration process safely and efficiently. Our quick response begins with a simple phone call to 323-805-8006.