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Cleaning and Restoring Water and Flood Damage in Golden Valley

Restoration professionals from Sunny California Restoration respond to many water damage service calls each year. We understand the urgency of restoring normalcy after disasters, beginning with the prompt arrival of experienced remediators.

Common Causes of Water Damage

Your home is susceptible to water damage from various sources, leading to unique challenges for restoration and recovery:

  • Appliances – Aging hoses and connections on water-fed appliances can leak or form holes, necessitating surface water removal and drying.
  • Natural Disasters – Flooding requires fast extraction, surface cleaning, mold prevention, and extensive drying.
  • Compromised Drainage – Poor natural drainage and broken or leaking drains can lead to water damage against foundation walls and nearby building materials.
  • Failing Gutters – Blocked gutters can flood basements and crawlspaces, requiring inspection and correction to ensure proper water diversion.

Effective Water Cleanup Approaches

When facing water emergencies in Golden Valley, you can rely on Sunny California Restoration for comprehensive cleanup and recovery:

  • Surface Cleanup – We use extraction devices, air movers, and temporary power as needed to remove surface water and initiate drying.
  • Trapped Water Removal – Water absorbed into materials requires specialized equipment for thorough extraction and drying to prevent costly repairs.
  • Humidity Control – Dehumidifiers help regulate moisture levels and prevent mold growth by pulling excess moisture from the air.
  • Disinfection – We use potent chemical agents and chlorine-based products to disinfect surfaces and prevent the spread of contaminants and bacteria.

If water or flood damage has affected your Golden Valley home or business, Sunny California Restoration is here to help with cleaning, drying, and repair services. Contact us for efficient restoration and peace of mind.